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Comments of clients


Alexej I live in another city. I’m going to Moscow and I know that I will have to take taxis there. I found your site in the Internet. The prices are acceptable. In practice everything is good too. I took Your taxi twice. The car came quickly. The driver is polite, pleasant, experienced. The car is comfortable. I came to the destination fast. Thank You for Your good job!


I wish the new Moscow Motor Service success. I’m from Ufa, when I lived there, I always used the services of this company. Now I live in Moscow. And I have often to take a taxi. Unfortunately, I was not always pleased. Often I was upset because of obscure rates and rudeness of the drivers. When I found out that my favorite Motor Service had appeared in Moscow, I decided to use their services, but I didn’t believe that Moscow MS was as good as Ufa MS was. Several trips have convinced me that the MS tracks its performance in any city. Maybe I was lucky, but every time the cars were clean, without any smell of smoke, the drivers were slavic, polite (they don’t open the door, but I didn’t have to ask them to lift my suitcase). Besides, I liked that the MS had started to use the modern communication means to inform a client about his or her order. Before the taxi comes, you have received an SMS with the information about the car (its make, model, number), then you receive one more SMS that informs you that the car has come. After the trip you receive an SMS with the trip cost. The driver tells you the cost too. I like such an order. Especially, when the rates are so attractive ( I know much about prices). So, I recommend you! European service with the Motor Service

Luka Talantov

I’m a cool stylist who works at home. All my glamorous clients without cars use the services of the Motor Service. Even those, who drive the cars given by their lover, come by Motor Service taxi, because they like to drink ALCOHOLIC mojito with me after haircutting and to hoot with laughter so much.)) Why all of them? Because I've found a business card of the Motor Service and tried. Wooooowwwwwwwww! I didn’t know that it’s possible to get Novogireevo from the center of the city for 400 rubles! Ha-ha! Yeah, I know that it’s possible even for 300 rubles, but in a rattletrap with a Caucasian driver who orientate himself badly and who broke one of his side mirrors yesterday. In the Motor Service everything is up to scratch. Write many SMS-messages quickly!Never don't be late!

Without a name

I would like to thank the company management of the Motor Service and the whole company’s personnel and working team for their successful work, excellent service, kindness to the clients. So, I can use your services again in future and be sure that a taxi will come in time and bring me to the destination in comfort. I would like to thank your drivers individually for their politeness, sensitiveness and concern about the clients. This is very important because we can see it so rarely nowadays. Besides, I won the I Want An IPAD competition. And my prize was brought to my work place. It didn’t even distract me from my important matters. I’m very thankful for this. Thank You for your work! I wish your company successful development!

Without a name

Today I have used your services, from Sheremetjevo airport to Novokosino. I liked it very much. After I’d made an order, they called me, a taxi came in time and called me again. The driver was polite and careful. He offered me a regular client card. I bought it. The was no booster chair in the car but the other things were ok. I will use your services in future! Pavel Lunin

Without a name

Hello! I’d like to thank You! I ordered a taxi for the night from the 7th to the 8th January, from Marushkino of Narofominsk district to Shvernik street and back. A white Renault Fluence came. The driver was very polite, came in time, brought me to the destination fast and with comfort, besides the trip wasn’t expensive. Award a commendation to the driver! Olga

Without a name

I always order your taxi to get my work place and not only there. I’m very satisfied with your work. Polite drivers, operators, cars come in time. Even if I need a taxi quickly, the prices are acceptable.

Without a name

Yesterday my husband and I came from abroad. We decided to order a taxi on-line. Successfully! It saves money! It’s very convenient to order a taxi this way when you are abroad. We told an operator the flight number, arrival date and our taxi met us. And this was in spite of the fact hat there was no mobile phone at the passport control and we were afraid that the taxi would leave the airport without calling us. We were stuck there for 30 minutes. We thank the driver for waiting us. And he didn’t ask any extra pay for standstill (we couldn’t leave the airport for an hour), and brought us home very quickly. The car was Hyundai 634. We had ordered a car of a Comfort class but a spacious minivan came where we could have put our surfing boards. We were lucky! Elena

Without a name

Hello! I want to thank the taxi services for bringing me to the airport on the 15th August and meeting me on the29th August in 2013. The drivers were very good. They brought me to the airport very quickly and with comfort. Thank You very much. I will use your services again and again and recommend them to my friends.

Without a name

I’m very grateful to the Motor-Service. I prefer your services among many taxi services in Moscow. I order taxi very seldom but I have to do it from time to time (because of business trips in Moscow). It was a big problem before to choose a good taxi very quickly. I had a plenty of different visit cards with taxi telephone numbers given by promoters. After I have tried this taxi once, I can’t choose other ones. The Motor-Service is always good and in-time coming cars, polite operators and drivers. Do your work in the same strain!


I’d like to say thank You for a trip. The driver came in time, brought me to the destination quickly in spite of the traffic jams. A passenger, an elderly woman with bad health (our grandmother), is very thankful for your excellent service. The trip was from Sirenevyi boulevard. Thank You again! Anna

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