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We offer drivers with the personal cars a job on favourable terms


  • Russian Federation citizen
  • Registration in Moscow and Moscow Region
  • Age: from 23
  • Driving experience and working experience in taxi services: from 3 years
  • Personal car: foreign brands, not older than 5 years
  • Individual entrepreneur documents (we will help to start up an individual enterprise)
  • Good orientation in Moscow and Moscow Region
  • The English language is a plus


  • Convenient computer-equipped dispatch service system
  • A dispatch operator and the system follow the drivers on-line.
  • An order is accepted by the driver who is the nearest to the specified address
  • Commission from an order: 10%
  • Working hours: free

We guarantee:

  • Complete package of the documents required for legal working in taxi and passenger transportation
  • Assistance in registration of an individual enterprise
  • Legal services and reports to the tax and regulatory authorities
  • Electronic taximeter
  • Orange taxi lamp
  • Checkers belt

Call center services cost 10% of each order.
Wage: from 40 000 rub.

For more detailed information concerning job placement, call the number:

+7 (495) 6 600 600 day and night.

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