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When a passenger books a taxi in Motor Service, he or she is to be familiar with the following conditions and terms, to accept the rules and prices and agree with them.

1. The main terms of the Rules:

Passenger car is a vehicle (except motorbike) used for transportation of passengers, and has not more than 8 passenger seats.

A Driver is a person who drives a vehicle and takes direct part in the road traffic and transportation of passengers.

A Route is a travel line of a vehicle between the certain points.

A Passenger (client, customer) is an individual who is transported at a charge by a transporter, according to the transport agreement (standard form contract) concluded on behalf of his or her name or by him or her personally, or according to the auto transportation services contract.

A Transporter (a private entrepreneur or an organization) provides passengers with transport services (transportation).

Transportation of a passenger is a delivering of a passenger with a vehicle from the departure point to the point of destination according to the transport agreement (standard form contract) as provided for by the civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

On-order transportation of a passenger (transportation) is a delivering of a passenger with a vehicle from the departure point to the point of destination according to the transport agreement concluded in writing, as provided for by the civil legislation of the Russian Federation.

Hand luggage is light things which sizes in the sum of three dimensions (height, length, width) are within 115 centimeters, which go through any door easily, don’t soil or spoil the seats, don’t hinder a driver to drive the taxi and use side mirrors.

Luggage is large things which sizes in the sum of three dimensions (height, length, width) are more than 115 centimeters, but within 180 centimeters, and which weight is within 60 kg.

Traffic control service is a legal body, intermediary between a client and a transporter which accepts an order for transportation and sends it to a transporter. It is responsible:
for accepting an order from individuals and legal bodies, processing and sending it to a transporter;
for trip cost calculation;
for sending information about order status, receieved from a transporter, to a customer (passenger, client) by the phone, the Internet or in SMS.

2. Established rules:

2.1. A dispatch operator informs about an approximate trip cost excluding traffic jams. Final trip cost is calculated with an electronic taximeter.

The cost can be changed by a transporter as a result of a stopover, timedown, passenger’s changes in the route in accordance with the rates.

2.2. A dispatch operator informs about an arrival of a vehicle to a delivery point, its location, the license-plate number , the make of a car and its color.

When a car is assigned, a client will be called. The autoinformer will inform about the make of the car, its color and license-plate number.
To connect with the driver, press 1, to connect with the dispatch operator, press 0, to cancel the trip, press 9.

The information about the car will be repeated in SMS.

When the car is arrived at a certain address, a client is called.

When You book a taxi, You can ask a driver about the arrival time and its location at any time.

The call should be taken. If the call is not taken, annulled, the phone is not available, the order is automatically cancelled. The client receives an SMS “Your order is cancelled" (if a car has been assigned).

2.3. Wait time free of charge-- 10 min.

ПAt the airport a car waits 40 min free of charge, and then every minute costs 10 rubles.

At the railway station a car waits 20 min free of charge, and then every minute costs 10 rubles.

A Customer pays for parking-meter zone with a receipt in accordance with the rate of an airport.

2.4. An advance order – an order for a certain time, not less than 3 hours in advance. It is possible, to book a taxi several days in advance.

If a car is booked for a certain time, wait time begins from this certain time.

A client is to inform a dispatch operator about cancellation of order in advance. A client cannot cancel his or her order after a car has come.

2.5. If a car transports several people from the airport to different places, the tariff of meeting at the airport + the rate of trip through Moscow after the first passenger has got off, are applicable. аэропорту нескольких человек с необходимостью развезти их по различным адресам действует тариф встречи в аэропорту + оплата поездки по Москве после высадки первого пассажира по тарифу по городу.

If a client goes through Moscow before the airport, firstly the rate around the city is applicable, then the fixed prices to an airport is applicable.

2.6. A driver can:

а) refuse the order, if he has to wait a passenger longer time than it has been agreed or paid;

b) break off the order because of emergency situation, when it’s impossible to transport a passenger to the point of destination. In this case, the passenger pays for the trip up to the moment, the car has stopped;

c) refuse to come for transporting passengers, luggage or freight, if it can endanger the security of the driver;

d) define regulations and rules of luggage and hand luggage transportation in taxi;

e) refuse to transport passengers, hand luggage, luggage or freight, if properties and package of the things don’t meet the requirements and the established rules of passenger transportation;

f) inform a Client, if the taxi is late or if it's impossible to perform the order, about delay of the taxi or change of the car.

2.7. A Driver can refuse an order if the number of passengers or luggage pieces exceeds carrying capacity of the car or if the behavior of passengers is inadequate.

3. Rights and duties of passengers (clients, customers):

3.1. Passengers are obliged to follow the following Traffic Rules;

3.2. To fasten seat belts as they have got on;

3.3. To get on and off from the roadside or sidewalk after a vehicle has stopped completely;

3.4. To keep the peace, be polite and tactful;

3.5. Don’t do things which can threaten the safety of the driver, other clients (passengers) and road users;

3.6. A Passenger is obliged to pay for the taxi services as having come to the destination.

A Passenger has a right to require from a driver to follow the following Rules:

3.7. To carry free of charge:
a pair of skis in the bag or other sport equipment in the bag;
a children’s sled;
a musical instrument in the case;
a baby stroller;
a hand luggage piece;
dwarves in special cages, baskets or boxes

3.8. To carry at a charge:
luggage, which sum of three dimensions exceeds 115 centimeters;
luggage which weight is within 60 kg;
dogs with muzzles and leashes, other animals in special cages, baskets or boxes if it doesn’t hinder a driver to drive a vehicle and use side mirrors.

Luggage is transported in a baggage compartment of a vehicle. Luggage is to fit capacity of baggage compartment;

3.9. To smoke inside of a car, open windows only by mutual agreement of a driver and a passenger;

3.10. To switch on/off an air-conditioning unit in a car;

3.11. To switch on/off music (car stereo).

4. Passengers are prohibited:

4.1. To get on in dirty clothes and carry the luggage which can soil a passenger compartment of a vehicle and its seats;

4.2. To lean out of the windows when a vehicle moves, to place luggage on the seats, soil them;

4.3. To bring into action the mechanisms to open the door, to hinder opening and closing the door except the cases of emergency;

4.4. To distract a driver from driving a vehicle;

4.5. To spoil a vehicle;

4.6. To litter inside of a vehicle;

4.7. It is prohibited to smoke in a car, exception p.3.9;

4.8. To carry:
flammable, explosive, piceous, stinking, toxic substances;
fire arms without any bags and special package;
large baggage, which sum of three dimensions exceeds 180 cm and weight exceeds 60 kg;

long-length things which exceed 190 cm (except skiis);
animals, except those in p. 3.7, 3.8.;

4.9. To take objects and thing lost by somebody; if lost objects, things, documents or any other properties are found, or smell of burning, smoke or fire are felt, a passenger is obliged to inform a driver about it immediately;

4.10. It is prohibited to violate public order, to smoke, be in state of alcohol or (and) drug intoxication, drink alcoholic or alcohol-containing beverages, take drugs and psychotropic substances in a car.

5. Final conditions

5.1. Transportation of passengers and luggage is conducted by a passenger taxi in accordance with the standard form contract of transportation concluded by a passenger directly with a driver of a passenger taxi as the driver or a dispatch operator has accepted an order.

5.2. An order of a client is accepted by any means of communication and at the location of the carrier or his representative.

5.3. The Motor Service is not liable before a passenger (client, customer) for action or inaction of the third party (carrier) if a taxi of a carrier has not come to a client or come late, or transportation has resulted or could result in material or other damages of a passenger (client, customer).

5.4. As You have booked a taxi, You become a subscriber of the Motor Service newsletter service automatically. All clients are sent letters about latest news and promotional events, rates and services.

5.5. A Client has a right to refuse to receive the newsletters. He or she should send e-mail in free format with his or her phone number and identification data to info@taxims.ru.

You can send Your suggestions and proposals concerning quality of service to info@taxims.ru, or to call the number: 8(495) 660-10-17

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