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Дополнительные услуги

We offer You some optional services




Free of charge

Luggage in the cabin*

100 Rub.

Large-size or long-length luggage in the cabin (skis, snowboards, etc.)

150 Rub.


150 Rub.

Car with a booster chair

150 Rub.

Estate car

200 руб.

Meeting with a placard

200 Rub.

Individual order

500 Rub.

Trips to/from a railway station (extra pay to the main price)

100 Rub.

Driver speaking a foreign language

500 Rub.

* You pay for each piece of your luggage in the cabin when the boot is full.
**Dwarf pets in a bag or a basket are carried free of charge.

Additional terms:

§ If during a trip a taxi rate is changed from day to night or vice versa, the price is changed by a taximeter automatically.

§ A taxi waits 10 min. free of charge, then every waiting minute costs 10 Rub if You order a taxi for the nearest time. If You order a taxi for the certain time, there will be no waiting time free of charge.

§ You should carry your pets in special containers, cages, boxes, bags, use muzzles, beddings.

§ A client can choose a certain model, color of a car which price is fixed further.

§ An operator keeps track the arrival time of a plane. In case of delay or early arrival, he or she coordinates sending a car to an airport. Tracking is free of charge. A taxi comes 20 min. later after a plane has landed (if a flight is domestic), and 40 min. later after a plane has landed (if a flight is international).

§ After a taxi has come to an airport, waiting time free of charge begins (within 40 min.), then 10 Rub./min.

§ After a taxi has come to a railway station, waiting time free of charge begins (within 20 min.), then 10 Rub./min.

§ Paid parking lot is paid by a client according to a receipt and parking rates.

§ When a taxi meets several people at the airport and has to transfer them to different places, the clients pay for meeting at the airport and for the trip through Moscow. After the first passenger has got off, the price of a trip is calculated according to the city rate.

§ If a trip through Moscow has taken place before a client goes to an airport, a total price is calculated according to a city rate before, then to fixed prices to an airport.

§ The price of a back intercity trip outside the region is 50% of the whole order price to one direction.

§ If an intercity trip is outside the region, accommodation and meals of a driver are paid by a client.

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Дополнительные опции

Select the class taxi

Order details

Flight number
By flight number we do track the time of landing, and in the case of flight delay, will provide the car so as not to have to pay for downtime.


(for example, specify the number of entrance or other guidelines)

Mob phone

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Distance = -.

Tariff: Стандарт

Стоимость примерная! Фактическая стоимость поездки зависит от пройденного километража, дорожной ситуации.

Approximate price with discount *:

- -

Specify the parameters of the route and we will calculate the price

Идет расчет стоимости маршрута

* discount does not apply
  the cost of supplying car

To order is necessary to specify the time

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If additional information is required by the order you will be contacted operator.

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